Hello and welcome to my humble shop. Please close the tent flap behind you as best you can … yes, it just won’t secure no matter what I do, just flaps away at me. (grumble)

In any case, I provide a wide variety of items for sale, of the mundane and magical variety. As a general rule of thumb, here are my general policies.

  • I charge list price for common items and common magical items. I will buy such items for 20% list cost.
  • Uncommon magical items may or may not be on hand depending on demand and supply. If the item is not available, I charge at least 25 gp standard shipping (about a week) or 1000 gp expedited shipping (next day through teleportation). Available or not, a small finder’s fee is sometimes assessed. I will buy such items for 50% list cost.
  • Rare magical items are rarely on hand and therefore have double the standard shipping cost (to cover insurance for these more expensive items) or 1000 gp expedited. There is almost always a finder’s fee assessed. I will buy such items for list cost.
  • Potions are available from the esteemed Mr. Potter who brews his own potions. I’m told common potions follow the above formula but uncommon and rare potions may be brewed for less than I charge (as he brews them on site).

Here is my ledger as it currently sits:
*Falcor – Resplendant Gloves (paid for)

Here are my quotes that have not been acted upon:


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