Darkwood Crossing

Letter from Kitsu Miki to Hellebore

Grim Tidings of Future Threats

Greetings to Hellebore, Princess of the Pixies of the Autumn Wind from Kitsu Miki, Sodan-Senzo of the Lion Clan under the Steel Throne.

First, I should apologize for not including the types of pleasantries one would expect of such a letter, but I fear time may be short, so I shall be direct. As I’m sure you are aware, I am an associate of your Grandson, Snapdragon. I have had occasion recently to adventure with the group he insists on naming The Feyblades. I was not sure, at first, how to classify your race, or that of the Eladrin. It is now clear to me that what the Othonians refer to as the Feywild, we of Rokugan know as Sakkaku, The Realm of Tricksters. Knowing this has clarified a great many things, and I have taken an interest in the recorded histories of your land, especially as they relate to a man who has made himself my enemy, Andrath Ardorway.

It has become apparent that he has some scheme afoot, one which threatens the mortal world, possibly even the entire Celestial Order, and which has been in the makings for a very long time, indeed. I have learned through a study of materials in Hell that a very long time ago, he was in love with Velayn, known then as one of the Daughters of Delight. With the arrival of the Prince of Frost, she was apparently changed into a being now known as the Sister of Lament, Mournwind. Despite this, Ardorway became a member of the Prince’s Winter Court himself. He has remained ever in the background of your world, only showing himself at certain times. Clearly, he also has ties to what Snapdragon called the Unseelie Fey, as your former servant, the traitor Hawkthorn was a part of their ranks, yet also serves Ardorway.

His web has many strands. He was attempting to gain control of the artifacts of Vor Thormil, which were connected to Vincent, unknown to most to be the crown prince Victus, reincarnation of the original Vor Thormil. He appears to have been thwarted by the party in this regard…or was he? The contact with the Artifacts awoke Vincent’s dormant power which called to Oni no Kitai who was trapped beneath Darkwoods crossing. It was Oni no Kitai who had the artifacts which could contain the Primordials, and it was Oni no Kitai who along with the Fire Primordial Kossuth was able to research a ritual to steal the power of a god. Lest we forget, Tatty Boggle is the one who first forced the Feyblade’s hand in opening Oni no Kitai’s tomb, and it was Tatty Boggle who kidnapped Oni no Kitai to bring him and Kossuth together. Tatty Boggle is a creature of Andrath Ardorway.

From what I have learned from questioning the Feyblades, Ardorway’s presence has been felt in many places- in an apparent alliance with the Fomorians and Jareth the Goblin King of the Feydark, as well as the Emory family in Othonia. I cannot help but wonder if he may also have been involved in the court at New Rokugan. The ambush on our first journey by the Unicorn was so uncharacteristic of them, it always struck me as suspicious. He has planned long and well, and whatever his plan is I cannot fathom it- but I am staggered by the breadth of foresight and preparation for what he has set in motion. I feel as though I am staring at the base of a vast mountain whose top is hidden in mists.

My goal in writing this letter is to impress upon you the urgency of what I have found. If possible, I would speak with you on this matter and do more research at Mithrendain, a city Ardorway spent significant time in, if my sources from Hell are to be believed.

One final note- I could not help but notice in my research that also among the Daughters of Delight was a woman named Sharaea. Fascinating that your grandson would hold a weapon with a note by a woman of the same name. A woman who warned of a future threat by Andrath Ardorway. Snapdragon has told me much of his dismissal from the court. I have been around the Court of Rokugan long enough to recognize a ploy when I see one. While his nature is fool-hardy and brash, I have seen flashes of a strange nobility in Snapdragon. It is becoming clear to me that he is more than he seems. Perhaps, while I am in Mithrendain, you might shed some light on that subject as well?

I look forward to meeting you in person. Please consider what I have said. I hope that we may be allies in this matter.

Kitsu Miki



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