Darkwood Crossing

Our Continuing Story...

Updated Cliff-notes for new players

After years of not talking to each other/war, the Kingdoms of Othonia and New Rokugan decided to give peace a try and worked out a deal for a neutral trade city to be established between their two borders. Lord Zealand and Master Phung (and others, to a lesser extent), are in charge of this town, which in due course was given the epic name of Darkwoods Crossing. Our heroes have been given various dangerous tasks to perform in this area and along the way came across a set of powerful magic Artifacts of the Fomorian City of Vor Thomil. The party learned that these five artifacts- a sword, a shield, a hand, an eye, and a mouth -were in use during the previous war 22 years ago between Othonia and New Rokugan.

More specifically they were used by the rightful heir of the Kingdom of Othonia, Victus Reginald, as he is the reincarnated soul of Vor Thormil, a human champion of the distant past who was corrupted by dark magics and eventually established a city under his own name in the Fey Dark, which was later taken over by the Fomorians. To counter his incredible power, a group of Rokugani shugenja, among them the man known then as Tamori Phung, tainted themselves with evil in order summon a demon to fight Victus on their behalf. The foes met at the Battle of White Plains, at the same place where the town now stands.

At that point, the god Corellon Larethian himself intervened. He stripped the artifacts of Vor Thormil from Victus and scattered them across the land. He locked the demon away deep below the ground, and charged Tamori Phung with performing a ritual to keep it there. Finally, he tore the memory of the entire event from the minds of men to protect the world from the evil of both the artifacts and the demon.

Victus became an amnesiac wanderer and was thought dead, traveling to and fro for many years before being found by the party. Given the name Vincent, he traveled with them for a time and became friends with them. Through a series of adventures, he was reunited with the artifacts of Vor Thormil, and once again regained part of his memory as well as the dark influence of his former life. However, this time his dark urges have been kept at bay thanks to the power of The Faceless God, with whom he seems to have a strange connection. The group was able to get him to the seat of The Faceless God’s power, the Temple in Shal’d, where he now performs constant meditation and prayer to hold back the darkness.

The party currently seeks to unravel more of the mystery behind the restless demon trapped below their town, which is still connected to Victus. Destroying it may bring them closer to curing him.

The group has not made it this far without making enemies however. The most mysterious of their foes is Andrath Ardorway, an Unseelie Archfey who seems to know a great deal about the artifacts of Vor Thormil and went to great lengths to procure them, even planting the traitor Hawkthorn in the parties midst. One of his minions, Anansi, was permanently killed, but the other, Tatty Boggle, remains at large. He has seemingly allied himself with the Fomorian Giants, but his ultimate goal remains an enigma.

The other primary antagonist has been the powerful Emory family, one of the two families vying for power in the wake of Victus’ disappearance 22 years ago. Lord Emory was recently defeated in his bid for the throne by the actions of the party, but he remains very much a presence in the Othonian power structure.



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