Darkwood Crossing

Letters to Frostnip #9

In The Heart of Darkness

Heya Frosty!

Aw man, you aren’t gonna believe it! We totally brought down the barrier in the most awesome way possible- via Rocket Tram crash. Actually, that was just a distraction so we could sneak in through the sewers using this weird digging contraption, but the IMPORTANT thing is that I blamed it all on Barleyrice. That guy is so toast if he sets his foot out here, it’s hilarious.

Anyway, we took down the shield like bosses, and pretty much saved the day all around, with the one tiny exception that ZZ Top kinda got stabbed with Feydark poison. But no biggie, we just cure him, right? Problem is, the cure’s in the Feydark… more specifically in Vor Thormil. It turns out that tool Lord Emory has some kind of deal with the Fomorians , and there was a portal straight there in his Castle. Oh, and the Feyblades picked up a new member, some elf from Misty Falls named Jay. Also, we ran into Vincent, who was apparently sent by Grandma to go to Vor Thormil all alone. (And if you believe that, I’ve got dragon that poops gold to sell you. No way Hellebore sent him by himself. She knew we’d be going there…somehow. Man, how does she do that?) Finally, His Icy Terribleness decided now would be a good time to go show Hawkthorn and some guy named Andrath Ardorway who the real deal is.

So now we’re here. In Vor Thormil. Surrounded by a bunch of batshit insane giants, about to sneak into the palace of tippy-top most batshit insane ruler they have, Queen Connomae. And that’s… great. Yeah…

Hey… Frosty, can I level with you for a second?… I’m really, really scared.

I mean I always wanted to come down here and beat their ugly faces in, but I was supposed to be, like super strong, you know? I mean, they killed Mom and Dad, who were the strongest after Grandma. I’m the weakest in the whole Guard, Frosty, and everyone knows it!

I just know I’m gonna get them all killed. I already screwed up by being too obvious when I was looking for our contact. Now they know I’m here. They’re gonna kill me, just like they killed my parents. What am I gonna do, Frostnip? I don’t know what to do…



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