Tale of a Darkwoods Crossing


Darkwoods Crossing is a tiny town founded as a neutral trading ground for the human-centered civilizations of New Rokugan (west) and Othonia (east). Lord Zealand leads the Othonian contingent and generally manages the town as Lord Mayor. Master Phung leads the New Rokugan contingent and assists Lord Zealand.

A current roster of the Feyblades is now maintained seperately. Some other NPCs currently lurking around the town (beyond the co-mayors mentioned above):

*Baron Torcas Mundy is the unofficial head merchant of the town, maintaining the services of Fistandidulous and Snerberflavin.
*Nicholai maintains an inn in the town that the group frequents. He has taken in Zap and Zero as cook.
*Moshi Fuchida leads and keeps track of Gaidin son of Elia and Arja‘s other two sisters (all rescued from Shal’d) in a small house he built. At the encouragement of Moshi “Old Man” Kurabu, he also maintains a small shop of Rokugani items.

See Historical Notes for other details.

Tale of a Darkwoods Crossing

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