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This is the campaign Wiki, editable by any logged-in players. In practice, I expect that I (Brian) will be the only one editing it but players are welcome to! (If you want to add, check out the Technical Welcome Page)

On all pages, anyone can include questions at the bottom for us to discuss. I have initially seeded some questions and answered some others.

I will attempt to maintain:

  • The Feyblades – The Player Character group!
  • Tale of a Darkwoods Crossing – Map and description of the current state of the town (as known by the PCs)
  • Character Creation Notes – Creating a character? Here’s where to read.
  • List of Important NPCs – Lists of links to non-player characters I have posted to the web site.
  • List of PCs – Current list of player characters. Also can be picked out from the Characters list but that has NPCs mixed in…
  • List of Dieties Present – List of deities active at the border. A wide variety of gods exist in this setting, ready to join in the discussion
  • Historical Notes – General historical notes as they are established.
  • Places – Places outside of the activity in the general campaign (at the border)
  • House Rules – Generally using the regular rules but here’s some GM calls to be aware of.
  • Layaway – Ordering uncommon and rare items from the good Baaron can take a while, I’ll try to keep this list updated.

Main Page

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