Darkwood Crossing

Our Continuing Story Part 2
Updated Cliff Notes for Returning players

Continuing from the previous story post, the party was able to determine that the demon imprisoned beneath Darkwoods Crossing was Oni no Kitai, whose years of isolation and imprisonment had actually turned into a scholar of the cosmos itself. His struggles to break free of his prison which shook the town, were in fact him trying to warn that the world was in grave danger. He warned that five primordial elementals had been unleashed by the spell which summoned him, and those primordials posed a grave danger to the world- Istishia, the Primordial of Water; Akadi, the Primordial of Air; Kossuth, Primordial of Fire; and Grumbar, Primordial of Earth. As well, there was a fifth primordial of Void, who was as yet unknown. Oni no Kitai had created powerful artifacts with which to contain the Primordial’s power once they were defeated or otherwise subdued. With the help of Isawa Kitai, Master Phung, and their friend Kitsu Miki, the party was able to begin locating the Primordials

Istishia was located out at sea, where, in her madness, she had caused a massive storm to cut off New Rokugan from their homeland. The Feyblades journeyed there an defeated her with the help of the free merpeople, freeing those Istishia had previously enslaved. Having made new friends, and gained the word of the Pirate queen who had sailed with them that she would no longer enslave others, they returned to Darkwood Crossing.

There they learned that Akadi was located above the sky, and so they acquired a crashed Githzerai starship in order to find her. Eventually she was located and prevented from summoning the Spelljammer, a ship said to have ultimate power. She was convinced to accompany the part peacefully, and eventually submitted to having her power locked away of her own accord, though the party promised to free her from the prison of fate somehow.

However, the party’s enemies in the Feywild were not idle, and Oni no Kitai was kidnapped by Tatty Boggle, the servant of Andrath Ardorway. Kitsu Miki and Isawa Kitai had tracked Tatty Boggle to the City of Doors, a demi-plane that connected to everywhere, and asked the party to meet them there. Before they could set out, they learned that Arja’s brother, Gaidin, was fomenting a rebellion in Shal’d, committing acts of terror which harmed the populace and they made a detour to investigate. Party nemesis Richard Thornbrook turned out to be involved, and they were able to convinve Gaidin to see the error of his ways.

Making their way to the City of Doors, the party learned their adversary had taken Oni no Kitai into Hell, where Kossuth, Primordial of Fire resided on the 4th circle. The party chose to ask for the assistance of an Angel named Three-Armed Pete, who agreed to get the party into hell in exchange for assisting his friend Caelynna in retrieving something from the library in the 3rd Circle of Hell. The party was able to make its way into the library, and retrieved the artifact, though they also found a number of mirrors left by someone named Atreyu, which revealed particular details of each party member’s past. Continuing to the fourth level of Hell, they were able to fight their way to Kossuth, who had been using Kitai to create a way to kill a god and assume its power. Convincing Kossuth that this was unnecessary, Kossuth submitted to his power to Kitai’s prison.

Returning to the City of Doors, the party found that Isawa Kitai and his bodyguard had been pulled into a struggle between Three-Armed Pete and a trader of rare goods named Lu Ruskin. Caelynna intended to use the artifact the party had helped her to acquire to kill Lu in revenge for her father. The party was able to resolve the conflict, taking possession of the artifact, as Caelynna learned Ruskin had no choice but to kill her father when he turned evil.

Returning to the material plane, the party learned the location of the Earth Primordial, Grumbar- he was located in Mag Tureah, Iron Fortress of the Feydark, lair of the Fomorian King Thrumbolg. The party made their way to the city, and found Rockbiter, an old companion of Falcor’s, in Grumbar’s cave. Rockbiter gave them more information on Atreyu, who might know the location of the Void Primordial, and Andrath Ardorway. The party freed a Blue Dragon that Grumbar had pressed into service and was able to convince Grumbar they were strong by doing so. Grumbar therefore assented to having his power locked away. The party learned that while they had been successful in locking the primordials, the damage they had caused was already placing a strain on reality. A portal to far realm had opened, connecting the Feydark and Mithrendain. The party was able to traverse the portal and seal it behind them.

In Mithrendain they were met by Kitsu Miki, who had been researching Andrath Ardorway. It turned out Ardorway was a high-ranking member of the Winter Court, known to the Prince of Frost. Miki speculated a larger plan was afoot, and warned the party that if it came down to the mortal world against the Winter Court, the party could not count on Snapdragon’s help. With Miki’s help, the party investigated the mystery connecting the Daughters of Delight to the Sisters of Lament. They learned that the Prince of Frost was once a Prince of Summer, set to wed Sharaea of the Daughters of Delight. However Sharaea spurned him to help the mortal world, and this caused him to become the Prince of Frost. Despite the vast gulf of time, they learned Sharaea and her human lover, Hayne Kasar still live on and that the Prince of Frost desires to find them above all things. In a brief moment of lucidity, the Sisters of Lament were turned back into the Daughters of Delight, and begged the party not to let the Prince succeed in finding Sharaea.

Continuing their journey to find the Void Primordial, the party left the bounds of the Crystal Sphere, finding the being known as Atreyu. Atreyu revealed that party member Falcor was in fact the Void Primordial, being a Luck Dragon who had once danced among the starways, but had been imprisoned in his current form for causing too much trouble. Atreyu further told the party that they must use the primordial’s power to close the rifts. With Jay in possession of Water, Snapdragon holding Air, Brandis holding Fire, Arja holding Earth, and Falkor now able to summon his own power of Void, they could close the Rifts to the Far Realms.

Now the party races to close a nearby rift, and get back to New Rokugan where their friend Kitsu Miki is on trial for a murder the party knows she didn’t commit…

Letter from Kitsu Miki to Hellebore
Grim Tidings of Future Threats

Greetings to Hellebore, Princess of the Pixies of the Autumn Wind from Kitsu Miki, Sodan-Senzo of the Lion Clan under the Steel Throne.

First, I should apologize for not including the types of pleasantries one would expect of such a letter, but I fear time may be short, so I shall be direct. As I’m sure you are aware, I am an associate of your Grandson, Snapdragon. I have had occasion recently to adventure with the group he insists on naming The Feyblades. I was not sure, at first, how to classify your race, or that of the Eladrin. It is now clear to me that what the Othonians refer to as the Feywild, we of Rokugan know as Sakkaku, The Realm of Tricksters. Knowing this has clarified a great many things, and I have taken an interest in the recorded histories of your land, especially as they relate to a man who has made himself my enemy, Andrath Ardorway.

It has become apparent that he has some scheme afoot, one which threatens the mortal world, possibly even the entire Celestial Order, and which has been in the makings for a very long time, indeed. I have learned through a study of materials in Hell that a very long time ago, he was in love with Velayn, known then as one of the Daughters of Delight. With the arrival of the Prince of Frost, she was apparently changed into a being now known as the Sister of Lament, Mournwind. Despite this, Ardorway became a member of the Prince’s Winter Court himself. He has remained ever in the background of your world, only showing himself at certain times. Clearly, he also has ties to what Snapdragon called the Unseelie Fey, as your former servant, the traitor Hawkthorn was a part of their ranks, yet also serves Ardorway.

His web has many strands. He was attempting to gain control of the artifacts of Vor Thormil, which were connected to Vincent, unknown to most to be the crown prince Victus, reincarnation of the original Vor Thormil. He appears to have been thwarted by the party in this regard…or was he? The contact with the Artifacts awoke Vincent’s dormant power which called to Oni no Kitai who was trapped beneath Darkwoods crossing. It was Oni no Kitai who had the artifacts which could contain the Primordials, and it was Oni no Kitai who along with the Fire Primordial Kossuth was able to research a ritual to steal the power of a god. Lest we forget, Tatty Boggle is the one who first forced the Feyblade’s hand in opening Oni no Kitai’s tomb, and it was Tatty Boggle who kidnapped Oni no Kitai to bring him and Kossuth together. Tatty Boggle is a creature of Andrath Ardorway.

From what I have learned from questioning the Feyblades, Ardorway’s presence has been felt in many places- in an apparent alliance with the Fomorians and Jareth the Goblin King of the Feydark, as well as the Emory family in Othonia. I cannot help but wonder if he may also have been involved in the court at New Rokugan. The ambush on our first journey by the Unicorn was so uncharacteristic of them, it always struck me as suspicious. He has planned long and well, and whatever his plan is I cannot fathom it- but I am staggered by the breadth of foresight and preparation for what he has set in motion. I feel as though I am staring at the base of a vast mountain whose top is hidden in mists.

My goal in writing this letter is to impress upon you the urgency of what I have found. If possible, I would speak with you on this matter and do more research at Mithrendain, a city Ardorway spent significant time in, if my sources from Hell are to be believed.

One final note- I could not help but notice in my research that also among the Daughters of Delight was a woman named Sharaea. Fascinating that your grandson would hold a weapon with a note by a woman of the same name. A woman who warned of a future threat by Andrath Ardorway. Snapdragon has told me much of his dismissal from the court. I have been around the Court of Rokugan long enough to recognize a ploy when I see one. While his nature is fool-hardy and brash, I have seen flashes of a strange nobility in Snapdragon. It is becoming clear to me that he is more than he seems. Perhaps, while I am in Mithrendain, you might shed some light on that subject as well?

I look forward to meeting you in person. Please consider what I have said. I hope that we may be allies in this matter.

Kitsu Miki

Letters to Frostnip #13
To Hell and Back

Heya Frosty!

Shizzle has been going down here in the mortal world, I got lots to tell you about, so let’s get to it. So first, it turned out Arja’s brother was being manipulated by some dufus, so I had to straighten him out. It felt super weird, like, all this stuff Grandma always used to say to me just flew out of my mouth and slapped him upside the head with a face-full of wisdom. After that, it was all good, we beat down the bad guy and let it ride.

Next up was the city of doors. Miki wasn’t nearly as mad as I thought she’d be for making her wait there while we sorted out Shal’d (I think she might be mellowing out a bit). And she says it turns out the fire primordial guy is actually on the fourth level of Hell. And the only person who has a portal is someone named Lu Ruskin. So we visit Lu, who is down to help us out, but first wants us to take down someone named Three-Armed Pete. We head over to give Pete the beating of his life, but it turns out he’s actually an undercover Angel who is doing good on the down-low. He can get us into hell, but on level 3, not level 4, and wants us to help him with something while we’re there.

We figure we can spare some time to do Heaven a solid, so we take the portal to level 3, wreck some dudes who tried to ambush us the moment we arrive, wreck some MORE people on the way to this Library thing. Caelynna (I think that was her name, she was Pete’s buddy, and helped with the fighting a bit) said that’s where we’d find the…magic scroll thing… that Pete needed. I managed to trick some Devils into thinking we were sent by Mammon, the Lord of level 3, and we found the scroll after searching around a while. We ALSO found a bunch of mirrors made by some guy Brandis knew. I’m still not sure what the deal was there, but more importantly, there was this one mirror that showed these three Eladrin girls. It was weird, like, I felt like I knew all of them, and one of them kind of reminded me of you a bit. She totally rejected the crap out of this other Eladrin guy and said something about having to go to the mortal world. I have NO idea what it meant, but it really seemed to bother Miki when we were told how long ago it happened. Everyone else had weird mirror things happen too, but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention.

Anyway, after that, we bossed our way down to the fourth level of Hell, and that was a serious bummer. Like, it was all fire, all the time, and none of my ice attacks were as strong as they should be. Its a good thing Jay was there becau…wait, have I ever told you about Jay? She’s this elf from Misty Veil who became a member of the Feyblades like, a long time ago. She’s super stealthy and good at dance battles. You’d like her. She’s really quiet though. It’s like she’s got a mute button that’s pressed most of the time.

Back to the story, we got to the main castle thingy on level four and I got to watch the Devils hold court and man was it BORING. It’s like they never asked themselves “Isn’t there some way to make bureaucracy more fun?” the way the Fey did a long time ago. What a bunch of chumps. They just sit and make decisions all day. No dance battles, no wit duels, no dramatic objections or surprise witnesses or sudden reversals or elemental square power boosts, or heart of the cards draws or ANY of that.

Eventually we get to some kind of records thing, and it was all books all the time so I left that to Miki and Brandis. They figured out where the fire guy was, we went there and we beat him up, ho hum, no biggie, forgone conclusion, we always win because we’re the truck-mothering FEYBLADES and no one messes with us unless they want a serious ass-whooping. The Fire guy was having Oni no Kitai do some kind of weird… ritual… thing, it was stupid, I didn’t pay any attention. But it turns out the Fire Primordial wasn’t so bad, and he didn’t have any interest in killing the universe, so we pokeballed him until we can figure out a way to keep him contained without killing him.

So we got back to the city of doors, but now Kitai (the human one) and shiba whoever his friend were missing, so we went to Lu Ruskins to find them, when who do we see but Three-armed Pete laying siege to get Caelynna back. It seems Caelynna and Ruskin had some kind of beef, like her dad tried to kill him, so Ruskin had to kill the dad first. I couldn’t really follow it, but I couldn’t just leave it alone. I had to lay down the law on some guard captain who thought he was a bigshot, then I told Caelynna and Lu Ruskin to knock it off, which they did, because I am awesome. So we’re all friends(ish) and Lu Ruskin will let me use the scroll thingy that Caelynna was trying to use on him if I need it. Power Word Magic Lock, I think it’s called? The point is, I am now famous in the City of Doors AND Hell AND Heaven. Oh, did you know that His Icy Doominess is now calling me his Dagger in the Darkness? What a boss name, right?

So one more thing, ever since we visited the Hell library, Miki will NOT leave me alone. She’s always asking me stuff about Grandma, and my super awesome artifact weapon, and Andrath Ardorway, and the Sisters of Lament (seriously, who wants to talk about the creepy banshees who hang around with His Supreme Frosty Posterior all the time?) Finally she just pestered me to include a letter Grandma with the one I sent to you, so just make sure she gets it will you? Thanks.

The Pixie Who Will Pierce The Heavens,

Letters to Frostnip #12
A lot has happened...

Heya Frosty!

So first things first- I’m REALLY sorry that it’s been so long since you hear from me. But it totally isn’t my fault. That soon-to-be fuzzy doormat Leafcrackle has been shredding them and using them for insulation. Last time I trust HIM with anything. As soon as I find him, it is ON. I just have to remember not to let him challenge me to poker, because he’s a huge cheater. It will be fine. He can’t hid from me.

Anywho, I have so much to catch up on, and I can barely keep everything straight. So remember that human Kitai? And how he was connected to a demon? Well it turns out that demon (who is Oni no Kitai, beeteedubs) wasn’t such a bad guy, and he told us about the real threat, which is the Primordials, who were released…somehow? I don’t remember, it’s not important. There’s a water one, an air one, a fire one, an earth one, and another one that’s like, “void” which is stupid, because that’s not even an element, but whateves. And we have these orbs we have to put the Primordials into, so we can use their power to…um…do…something. The point is, it’s important.

So FIRST went to take out the water one, cause she was causing havoc and creating this giant killer storm and stuff. So we went all pirate, got ourselves a crew, and went sailing on the high seas. Except the pirates we hired were actually bad people in some ways, which wasn’t cool, so I challenged them that if we actually won, they couldn’t be bad anymore. So problem solved, cause obviously we won. The Feyblades are invincible, cause I’m in charge of them, so how could they not be? So we got the element and freed some mer-people, and everyone was super stoked that the storm was finally over— but none of that matters, because then the BEST THING EVER happened. I got a SPACE SHIP. AND BECAME A SPACE PIRATE. FOR REAL.

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever!?! I was captain and everything, and all flying the ship around like neeeeow, fwooosh, kapow! We freed some people from some other people, wrecked all the bad guys in space cause we’re awesome, and then we went to where the Air Primordial lady was…annnnd she didn’t seem that bad, honestly. So we brought her back to figure out a way to not have to beat her up, when it turned out that jerk Tatty Boggle showed up and stole Oni no Kitai.

At the same time, Arja’s brother seems to have gone all fruitloops and doing…um…stuff. I don’t remember, Arja was talking, and I was super bored. But then who should show back up, but that robotic douchenozzle and perennial Snapdragon curbstomp recipiant, Richard Thornbrook. And he was blowing up kids. So THIS time he won’t be coming back. I wrecked his face of course, but I’m not stopping there. I’m about to kill this asshole harder than anyone has EVER been killed in the history of the ENTIRE GODDAMN UNIVERSE. And then, I’m going after whoever hired him. And then we’re going to get Oni no Kitai back from that Eladrin sheep-molester whose initials are AA, but whose name is not important, or easy, enough for me to remember. Because I’m the Space Pirate Snapdragon, baddest pixie in the mortal world.

Write you later!

Letters to Frostnip #11
A Triumphant Return Home

Hiya Frosty!

Man, time sure flies, I’ve been so busy heroing that I haven’t had much time to write you. Let’s see here, so first, the Feyblades picked up a new member- Kauna the Minotaur. She’s from the island nation of… uh… some… mortal… place. It’s not important. She’s apparently got some pirating experience or something, and she’s really chill, so that’s awesome.

We also have this really grumpy lady named Kitsu Miki who hangs around with us sometimes. She’s from the… Bear Clan? That doesn’t sound right, but whatever, the whole clan thing is boring and makes no sense. She’s from the OTHER human nation, because I have time to try and keep those straight. I offered her full membership in the Feyblades, but she just looked at me and said, “I would rather be thrown weaponless into the Festering Pit than be permanently associated with anything you are in charge of, creature.” Which, first off, RUDE, am I right? And second, her loss anyway. Though admittedly it was kind of a sick burn, I can’t take that away from her.

ANYWAY, we had to go to the OTHER human kingdom to try and find this old friend of Master Phung’s, Isawa Kitai, so that we can try and stop that demon I told you about from coming back, or beat it up or imprison it or something. I’m not clear on that part. The point is, we needed this guy. So we traveled for a while, in typical boring mortal fashion. Apparently this other human nation is super strict, and sometimes fights are one on one, but sometimes not, and there’s this whole honor thing, and oh man, it is so complicated and boring, I could actually feel myself dying from how lame it was when Miki was explaining it. You’re not gonna believe this, but they may actually have more rules than the Eladrin court. Which ought to be impossible, since they’ve had basically since the dawn of time to make up rules, while the humans have only been around for a little while, but there you go. The only cool thing about them is that the guy in charge of the military is called The Shogun, which is an awesome title, and I am totally going to become The Shogun so I can start calling myself that, as soon as I can figure out how.

So we went there, and I wasn’t allowed to talk much, because they’re a bunch of stupid faces my amazing coolness won everyone over, like usual. I’ve basically been given Clan status. Like, a Clan of one. The Feyblade Clan, family name Space Pirate. That’s totally a thing now. So we talked to people, found out where Kitai was, and went down to go get him. Kauna got infected by something called The Taint, which is major uncool. Don’t worry, I’m 99% sure pixies are immune to it.

We went into this temple, and some stuff happened (I wasn’t paying attention, too busy beating up a dragon, like a boss). We found Kitai, and we had to fight some demon thingy, whooped its stupid monster ass like it was our job (which it is). All standard, but here’s where it gets weird- we found a bunch of weapons that were like, sitting there waiting for us. And one of them mentioned Andrath Ardorway, that Archfey douchebag who is hanging out with the Fomorians. It was written by someone named Sharaea, and I could SWEAR I know that name from somewhere. Maybe Grandma knows, so ask her, will you? Anyway, it’s a pretty sweet weapon, and like I said, it’s like it was waiting there for us, cause everyone had one that fit them exactly. Clearly, I am the destined hero who will save the world, which is AWESOME right? So cool! Bet Barleyrice never found a weapon chock full of destiny, that loser.

Anyway, we came out of the temple and some guy wanted a cut of the loot we’d found. Something about his family’s birthright and Kitai promising it to him. Arja said we had to give it back, and everyone ended up being friends, so it was all good.

Oh hey, looks like we’re gonna go report to Master Phung. Gotta split.

Totally the destined savior of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE,

Our Continuing Story...
Updated Cliff-notes for new players

After years of not talking to each other/war, the Kingdoms of Othonia and New Rokugan decided to give peace a try and worked out a deal for a neutral trade city to be established between their two borders. Lord Zealand and Master Phung (and others, to a lesser extent), are in charge of this town, which in due course was given the epic name of Darkwoods Crossing. Our heroes have been given various dangerous tasks to perform in this area and along the way came across a set of powerful magic Artifacts of the Fomorian City of Vor Thomil. The party learned that these five artifacts- a sword, a shield, a hand, an eye, and a mouth -were in use during the previous war 22 years ago between Othonia and New Rokugan.

More specifically they were used by the rightful heir of the Kingdom of Othonia, Victus Reginald, as he is the reincarnated soul of Vor Thormil, a human champion of the distant past who was corrupted by dark magics and eventually established a city under his own name in the Fey Dark, which was later taken over by the Fomorians. To counter his incredible power, a group of Rokugani shugenja, among them the man known then as Tamori Phung, tainted themselves with evil in order summon a demon to fight Victus on their behalf. The foes met at the Battle of White Plains, at the same place where the town now stands.

At that point, the god Corellon Larethian himself intervened. He stripped the artifacts of Vor Thormil from Victus and scattered them across the land. He locked the demon away deep below the ground, and charged Tamori Phung with performing a ritual to keep it there. Finally, he tore the memory of the entire event from the minds of men to protect the world from the evil of both the artifacts and the demon.

Victus became an amnesiac wanderer and was thought dead, traveling to and fro for many years before being found by the party. Given the name Vincent, he traveled with them for a time and became friends with them. Through a series of adventures, he was reunited with the artifacts of Vor Thormil, and once again regained part of his memory as well as the dark influence of his former life. However, this time his dark urges have been kept at bay thanks to the power of The Faceless God, with whom he seems to have a strange connection. The group was able to get him to the seat of The Faceless God’s power, the Temple in Shal’d, where he now performs constant meditation and prayer to hold back the darkness.

The party currently seeks to unravel more of the mystery behind the restless demon trapped below their town, which is still connected to Victus. Destroying it may bring them closer to curing him.

The group has not made it this far without making enemies however. The most mysterious of their foes is Andrath Ardorway, an Unseelie Archfey who seems to know a great deal about the artifacts of Vor Thormil and went to great lengths to procure them, even planting the traitor Hawkthorn in the parties midst. One of his minions, Anansi, was permanently killed, but the other, Tatty Boggle, remains at large. He has seemingly allied himself with the Fomorian Giants, but his ultimate goal remains an enigma.

The other primary antagonist has been the powerful Emory family, one of the two families vying for power in the wake of Victus’ disappearance 22 years ago. Lord Emory was recently defeated in his bid for the throne by the actions of the party, but he remains very much a presence in the Othonian power structure.

Letters to Frostnip #10
After leaving Vor Thormil

Heya Frosty!

So, before we get started here, I just want to establish that I wasn’t actually scared when I wrote that last letter. I was…uh…concerned. For the rest of the guys. Because, you know, they’re so unfamiliar with Fomorians. So, yeah. Concerned. Not scared. At all.

ANYWAY, now that’s out of the way, oh man, we have kicked SO MUCH ASS since I last saw you. Tatty Boggle? Bitch slapped back to his ugly Fomorian mama’s skirt. Richard Thornbrook? Took his sorry cyborg ass apart for a third time. Hopefully, the sword tree I planted into his skull will keep it from being four, because come on. That’s just sad. And Anansi, that spider jackass? Actually dead. Straight up killed him, just like I said I would. Snapdizzle don’t play, sucka.

We also saved ZZ Top, so you know, awesome-sauce.

Some other stuff happened too, and I’m gonna be honest, it’s confusing as hell, so bear with me. That Vincent guy is apparently the lost heir of the human kingdom and ALSO the reincarnation of some ridiculously powerful guy from a billion years ago who got corrupted and built Vor Thormil originally. Somehow he was also in the human war twenty-ish years back (like I said, it doesn’t make any sense) , and apparently was helping this one group of humans beat this OTHER group of humans, so the other group of humans summoned a demon to fight him, and Master Phung helped them do it. So THEN Corellon Larethian drops down from his hizzie on high, and goes “Aw Hell Naw!” He smacks Vincent so hard EVERY SINGLE HUMAN forgets what happened, and Vincent gets flung into our time (or something) the Vor Thormil artifacts popped out of him and got scattered everywhere, AND the demon he was fighting got imprisoned under ground for eternity. (Gods are O.P., yo)

The only problem is the demon gets free if Master Phung doesn’t do this ritual every once in a while, and I think the Vor Thormil people are trying to figure that out so they can stop him.

Oh, and somehow Arja’s weird religion thingy suppresses Vincent’s evil side. And I accidentally told Mixmaster Z the thing about Vincent being the rightful ruler despite Arja not wanting me too Mixmaster Z figured out Vincent’s identity using his rad detective skills. I don’t know how he did it.

SO we took Vincent to Arja’s church in Shal’d and now we have to beat up some jackass governor that took over the city while we were gone. Or someone. I wasn’t actually paying attention.

So, yeah, lots to do. They’re saying something about Space Pirates, I gotta go.

Again, totally WASN’T SCARED,

Letters to Frostnip #9
In The Heart of Darkness

Heya Frosty!

Aw man, you aren’t gonna believe it! We totally brought down the barrier in the most awesome way possible- via Rocket Tram crash. Actually, that was just a distraction so we could sneak in through the sewers using this weird digging contraption, but the IMPORTANT thing is that I blamed it all on Barleyrice. That guy is so toast if he sets his foot out here, it’s hilarious.

Anyway, we took down the shield like bosses, and pretty much saved the day all around, with the one tiny exception that ZZ Top kinda got stabbed with Feydark poison. But no biggie, we just cure him, right? Problem is, the cure’s in the Feydark… more specifically in Vor Thormil. It turns out that tool Lord Emory has some kind of deal with the Fomorians , and there was a portal straight there in his Castle. Oh, and the Feyblades picked up a new member, some elf from Misty Falls named Jay. Also, we ran into Vincent, who was apparently sent by Grandma to go to Vor Thormil all alone. (And if you believe that, I’ve got dragon that poops gold to sell you. No way Hellebore sent him by himself. She knew we’d be going there…somehow. Man, how does she do that?) Finally, His Icy Terribleness decided now would be a good time to go show Hawkthorn and some guy named Andrath Ardorway who the real deal is.

So now we’re here. In Vor Thormil. Surrounded by a bunch of batshit insane giants, about to sneak into the palace of tippy-top most batshit insane ruler they have, Queen Connomae. And that’s… great. Yeah…

Hey… Frosty, can I level with you for a second?… I’m really, really scared.

I mean I always wanted to come down here and beat their ugly faces in, but I was supposed to be, like super strong, you know? I mean, they killed Mom and Dad, who were the strongest after Grandma. I’m the weakest in the whole Guard, Frosty, and everyone knows it!

I just know I’m gonna get them all killed. I already screwed up by being too obvious when I was looking for our contact. Now they know I’m here. They’re gonna kill me, just like they killed my parents. What am I gonna do, Frostnip? I don’t know what to do…

Letters to Frostnip #8
The Great City Recap

Heya Frosty!

Man, it’s been a while… since I TOTALLY SAVED YOU LIKE A BOSS! Remember that? Yeah, I’m awesome.

Since we left the Feywild, there have been some changes to the ol’ Feyblade roster. Paroom had to leave and Battosai took off for good, so it’s just down to the four of us really- me (the leader, natch), Falcor, Brandis, and Arja. That’s okay though, cause we were the cool kids anyway. All those wanna-be members just weren’t good enough.

So! After we got back and everything, we got told there was some kind of supply problem from the Othonian side. Apparently shipments of magic items weren’t coming in the way they were supposed to. (And I NEEDS my magic items. They hurt my enemies and protect my sexy, sexy face from harm). Naturally, we were the only people badass enough to check it out and survive, so we headed to Amadora.

When we got there (it still takes forever to get anywhere in the human world. Well it’s not so much that it takes forever, it’s just that trips are SO BORING) we found that the teleport circles to the Great City were being blocked somehow. We also ran into someone from Falcor’s past, some kind of circus-master/adventurer guy. I think his name was Mordecai? Methuseleh? I know it started with an M…Oh well. Look, that part was boring, anyway. M-guy got kidnapped, we had to go save him, and some demons and their master got the great honor of a no-holds barred ass kicking, delivered by me, in person. I autographed their ugly faces for posterity.

The important thing we learned is that there is a FREAKING SPACESHIP just sitting in the town. It’s for sale and everything. I recently got to fly one (I’m getting there), and I want it SO BADLY. In recognition of destiny, I’ve started giving myself the title of Space Pirate, just so it’s easy to say when it eventually happens.

More boring stuff happened, and then we finally arrived at the Great City.Sir ZZ Top (not Mixmaster Z, his son…or nephew or something, it’s not important) was waiting for us, and told us what went down. The King died, and now it’s basically civil war between the Zealands on one side, and the Emory family on the other. Lord Emory is douchebag, and apparently, his son is an even bigger douchebag. So, of course, we’re gonna tip the balance for Mixmaster Z. Of course, when I heard Civil war, I imagined bodies in the streets, fighting all over the place- you know, like Mithrendain that time the Cat Lord pantsed Lord Oran in front of the whole court (Holy Crap that whole thing was hilarious. I still can’t believe he went through with that dare). But actually, the human city is pretty calm. The rocket trams (ROCKET TRAMS! -So fun to say) run on time and everything.

So yeah, actually it was pretty calm. We found out the source of the teleport interference is coming from some device under the Guard Barracks, and if we take it out, we win. So we’re gonna do that. We have a bunch of threads we’re chasing, I’m sure the final plan is gonna be AMAZING. But again, the really important thing here is that as the result of one of those threads, I got to drive a spelljammer ship that was caught in the harbor when the town defenses went up. And THAT Frosty, was ten-gallons of fun in a five-gallon drum. I can’t really describe it…try to imagine suddenly being a few hundred feet long and four times faster than you are now. Oh, and you can go farther than five feet above a surface for more than a few seconds.

Now here’s the thing- they need a permanent pilot, since their old one died. And while I’m really, really, REALLY tempted, I already have my eye on that ship in Amadora. I’ve got my own crew, and Space Pirate Snapdragon is destined to be Captain of his own ship. So, if you know anyone in the Guard who would be down for Crazy Space Adventures and can get Grandma to sign off on it, send them out here. They better be prepared to not come back for a while though, these guys get around, apparently.

Anyway, gotta go.

Flying giant spelljammer ships and being generally too cool for school,


Letters to Frostnip #7
Recapping Sessions 11, 12, & 13

Heya Frosty.

Well, I’m headed back. Not sure why I’m writing this when I’m just gonna tell you all about it when I get there. Habit maybe?

Anyway, we totally got Gark, man! The Great Goober is now pantsless. But it wasn’t easy, first we had to get there. The rest of the team didn’t get us off to a great start, getting captured by this T’Kazod guy, who said he was some kind of Emissary for the Great Gark. At first they thought he might be alright, but he turned out to be lying and poisoned the team. Not me of course. I’m too awesome to be captured.

So we convinced Roger and Ret, two of his lackeys, to betray him (natch, they ARE goblins, after all) and wrecked him. Roger didn’t seem very trustworthy, so we left him in the mortal world while using some weird ritual to teleport to Nocturne.

We got ambushed the moment we arrived, but it was cool because we’re awesome and we roffle-stomped their ugly goblin faces. Then we met Batogar, one of His Royal Frostbitten Gonads’ minions in Nocturne (who knew, right?). We faked our way into the city. I pretended to be a slaver, or rather, Barleyrice did. (Dude, you have to let me know if anyone from Nocturne ever comes looking for him. Like, seriously, get Pinebark to take dictation or something, because that conversation is going to be LEGENDARY!)

We snuck into the palace through some nasty-ass goblin sewers (I can still smell it when I close my eyyyyyyyyeees) and we almost died fighting all the guards that showed up when I tripped the alarm basically sleep-walked through stealing the pants. The coolest part is how we got out, though. It turns out Hawkthorn was there (was he a prisoner? It’s hard to say). Anywho, he teleported through some kind of portal to the Feydark. We tried to follow him through, but ended up back in the old elven ruin where we fought that one cultist guy and got the Hand of Vor Thormil (seems like forever ago, right?).

So we totally had the pants, and were all like “Hell yeah! We rule!” when we realized Gark (whose real name is Jareth, apparently) knew we were from Darkwoods Crossing, and we might totally have just started a war (just like old times, right?). So we got back to the city to figure out our next move, I got your letter, annnnd now I’m coming back. Which will be…great. Yeah. Oh, and this mortal guy named Vincent that we rescued back in Shal’d insisted on coming along. So that should be fun.

Anyway, see you when I get there. That really will be nice.



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