Darkwood Crossing

Letters to Frostnip #3
Session 5 Recap

Heya Frosty!

Okay, so I know it hasn’t been that long since the last letter, but so much stuff happened last time!

You know that coin I talked about? It’s some kind of staple magic item of Karontor used for communication over long distances. The coins work in pairs, each pair being unique. Apparently, these things were, like, EVERYWHERE during the war since they’re so handy, but the downside is they can kind of corrupt your soul. Otherwise, I’d totally nab a pair and send you one.

Anyway, so one of the guys smart enough to surrender to us, John, was talking to his dad Robert using a coin, and when Robert went missing, John knew there was only one crew awesome enough to take on the task of tracking him down. Seeing as we were going southeast of the city, Mixmaster Z asked us to be official super-duper emissaries of the town to all the farmers and trappers and stuff out that way. It’s on an actual piece of paper and everything! Like I said, I pretty much run this place now.

On the way we got ambushed by some goblins! Well, I wasn’t surprised, since my razor-sharp battle instincts immediately alerted me that something was up. We beat them down, and then talked to their leader Zahp and his wolf Zero. Thanks to some l33t negotiation, he agreed to give up being a bandit, but he warned us about his boss Tatty Bogle, who apparently has a whole bunch of goblins and stuff under his command.

We found Robert’s house, and, because of my mad investigation skillz, found out that he had probably been ensorcelled by some kind of magic shield. We also found a pendant belonging to his old group the Longbows (He didn’t use a bow though, it was kind of weird). His old friend Richard contacted us, and we realized Robert must have gone to fight Tatty Bogle due to the Shield’s enchantment, which makes you think you’re an awesome hero. (As opposed to actually BEING an awesome hero, like me).

We got there in the nick of time, and I was totally just about to wreck Tatty Bogle’s day, but he was really tricky with this weird long range grab and got me the sun was in my eyes, and he ended up getting away. Looks like he might be a servant to some kind of powerful fey person (Do you think Grandma would know which one?).

We managed to get the Shield away from Robert, and it turns out the Shield is another of those artifacts of Vor Thomil that I told you about! Now we got two of ‘em, so the pressure’s really on!

So Richard was really grateful that we helped out Robert and made us all members of his group and gave us pendants so that we can talk to each other. We still need a new name for the group though (FeyBlades?).

Speaking of names, the town is gonna get to vote on our name pretty soon, so let me know if you’ve thought of any good ones. Snapdragon’s Awesome Village was immediately rejected (which is totally bogus, by the way), so I’m out of ideas.

Oh, and I picked up a new flunky! He’s a goblin I’ve named “Pleasedon’tkillme” since that’s all he says. It’s not too surprising since I kicked his ass so hard his grandma spit out my shoelaces, but still, it gets a bit monotonous.

Definitely not missing Mithrendain or anyone in it,

Letters to Frostnip #2
Recap of Sessions 2, 3 and 4

Heya Frosty!

Sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote you, I’ve been SUPER busy killing monsters and stuff, but I’ve got so much to tell you!

So first off, they added like a ton of people to my scouting party. There’s another bard, Falcor, and he’s cool, because he’s Eladrin and therefore not as lame as the mortals (though he’s not a Pixie, and so unfortunately will always be cursed with lameness). There was also another Eladrin, this Raven Queen paladin guy, named…um…huh, I don’t remember. Oh well, it probably wasn’t important. Lastly, there’s a wizard named…something Mundy? I think? Man, these guys need to try being more memorable, it’s really inconvenient when I’m trying to tell you stuff and I can’t remember anything about them.

Okay, so our mission- we got assigned to take out these bandits. I think I mentioned last time, they were the bosses of the bandits we fought in town. I mostly flew around cheering people up while we were tracking them to their lair am totally the best tracker ever and found their hideout without breaking a sweat. Then it turned out there were a bunch of zombies in there, and that was a really hard fight. I think I blacked out from all the ass I was kicking, I don’t remember the last part of the fight very well. But I totally broke the spell that was creating more zombies, which pretty much turned the tide of the whole thing. We also fought this giant ogre undead guy, but he was a pushover, mostly because I figured out his secret trap thing and disabled it. And then I rearranged his ugly face into the UGLIEST POSSIBLE FACE with my l33t skillz.

It turned out the bandits were hiding from the zombies behind some kind of secret door, which, of course, I found. Then we wrecked them and I figured out that their boss was totally working for some mortal bigshot who doesn’t like the town (I think his name was Lord Feldmark). So we took our evidence back to Mixmaster Z, he was all like “Dayyummmm, ya’ll kicked butt. Mostly Snapdragon, but that’s to be expected.”

Also, it turned out the zombies were being summoned to the hideout by some kind of idol of Orcus, so we burned it. But we had to find out where the zombies were coming from. We got a lead that some weird stuff was going down at this old Eladrin place in the forest, so we tracked it down, and whooped some cultist and zombie ass. There was this weird coin thing that one of the priest’s minions had that made him act funny when we asked him to surrender. Hawkthorn tried to pretend it wasn’t there and keep it for himself, which I thought was bogus, so I swiped it from him (don’t tell him though, cause that would be like, super-duper awkward). I was right though (I mean, I’m always right, but this time I was, like, 4000 percent right), Fisty the Magic Item guy said it had some bad juju on it. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to destroy it.

That’s not even the weirdest part though. It turned out the evil priest guy had some kind Fomorian artifact. You remember how Hellebore was droning on about boring political stuff that one time (I know, I know, that’s pretty much all she does, but try to remember) and mentioned Fomorian artifacts were involved in a human war, but some god came down and wiped everyone’s memory? This artifact was one of those artifacts! And it being back is, like, super bad news. Mixmaster Z entrusted it to my team while we figure out what’s going on, so the pressure’s on now. I kind of wish Grandma was here now, to be honest. She was always on top of that Fomorian stuff. But, you know, don’t actually TELL her that. Oh hey, could you ask her about it? Not obviously, but kind of slip it into conversation? Pump her for info, you know?

Oh, and last but not least, I’m hanging out with this squirrel named Leafcrackle. He’s got a pretty nice place, but it’s lacking some flair, so we’re totally pimping it out! (Beeteedubs, don’t blame me for the stripper pole if you visit, that was TOTALLY Leafcrackle’s idea)

Still totally not missing the Feywild in any way and having an awesome time,

Letters to Frostnip #1
(Session 1 Recap)

Heya Frosty!

So first thing’s first, I TOTALLY made it to the mortal world, and I barely got lost or anything getting here. That chump Barleyrice owes me a gold piece, and don’t think for a second I’m gonna let him forget it.

But yeah, I got here and everything, and check it out, I’m already a big shot here! See, it went down like this—I was minding my own business, when this fancy-pants merchant guy starts abusing some horses, like, right in front of me! Or in my general vicinity. But anyway, I couldn’t let that go unchallenged, so I was all “It is ON.” And I pretty much razzed him mercilessly for a day or two. It was amazing, you’d have split a gut.

Anywho, some of the mortals aren’t complete dopes, and they finally figured out something was up. Once they saw how l33t my mad skillz were, they naturally offered me a super important position heading up scouting detachments. I practically run the place now.

Oh yeah, and you’ll never guess who I ran into out here! Remember Hawkthorn? That guy is still alive and everything. So is Xiao (who is totally still rad and in no way a dangerous monster. Did he get banished over that? Honestly, I can’t remember). Apparently, he ran across my trail somehow, and, realizing how awesome I am, felt compelled to join up. I managed to get him into the scouts too.

There’s also Arja, this mortal paladin girl. She’s a bit uptight, but reliable in a fight I guess. I get the feeling something bad happened to her recently, but she doesn’t talk about it much. Oh, and there’s Tek (that’s his short name, his real one is like, a mile long). He’s kind of hung up reminding me he’s human (like I can tell mortals apart), but mostly cool. And he’s a bard, so, you know, gotta respect.

So the other day, Lord Zealand (that’s the guy the mortals put in charge) tells the four of us to go ahead to the site of this new city they’re going to create to clear out some bandits. So we go ahead, but no one else in the party is really very sneaky, and we get ambushed. But it’s okay, but because mortal bandits are lame, and we iced them. I could have handled it all myself, but I didn’t want to be greedy. We made friends with their dogs, and learned about their main base.

This time I decided I’d try and let them surrender, since it’s no fun beating up on weak mortals. But, what can I say, mortals are dumb—only one of them took me up on it. So we fought and they turned out to have a bunch of archers with some crazy luck. I took down the boss-guy but one of their guys hit me with a lucky shot. I probably would have died if Tek hadn’t stopped me from bleeding out was mostly fine. Plus it’s cool, ‘cause now I have the SICKEST scar across my chest (no joke, it’s totally sweet).

Anyway, Juarez (the only one smart enough to surrender) gave us a chest with a bunch of gold and a notebook which allowed us to turn off the magic defenses on this super-secret library. He also told us that the boss I killed wasn’t even the biggest boss- there’s some other guy hiding in a cave somewhere with an even bigger stash of gold. Since most of it’s stolen, my guess is we’re going to go wreck his face next, but that’s up to Mixmaster Z (my nick for Zealand, because ‘Lord Zealand’ is lame).

Hmm, that’s mostly it for now. I just wanted you to know that everything is fine, I’m not lonely or homesick at all, and I’m probably almost already a legendary hero among the mortals. If I’d known it was this easy, I’d have done it years ago. I’ll check in later as I have time.

Your awesome pal and soon to be Legendary Champion of the Mortal World,

Places finished

I have finished posting stuff for the Places links for now. Poke around, add what you’d like (particularly if it’s part of your character’s background) including adding separate pages for places I just gave a short description (e.g. the forest) if you want to!

Until Saturday, I’ll be focused on the last e-mail together (going out tomorrow night, I hope) and adventure stuff!

Moving things around a little...

I created the Places page to put information about all locations outside of the campaign proper. Includes a couple countries added by player backgrounds, Othonia, and Rokugan.

Will continue to make minor changes, only bugging folks if I’m confused or NPC changes too. I’m not planning to change PC character information – I’ll just ask you to do it to make sure the character stays yours!

Minor Updates

Updated the PC and NPC lists. Also, threw some placeholder pictures onto John’s NPCs because it felt weird that they didn’t have any.


Based on a sample of Wil, Nate, Stu, and (half-time) Zach, the best day of the week is Saturday. I’m thinking 1pm EST (which is noon CST, 11am mountain) but am flexible right now.

That makes June 14th at 1pm EST our start date over on roll20.net . In case I have been unclear, you should have a character and backstory posted before that! (I will e-mail later this week about this too)

Added to character creation slightly

I added a note on alignment and skills to the Character Creation Notes and checked over Stu’s stuff.

Added a bunch of NPCs

Created a bunch of NPCs, gave Snapdragon a backstory. Frostnip, Hellebore and the Prince of Frost are all pretty important to Snapdragon’s story, so let me know if you’d like to do anything with them. Baron Mundy is a generic bad guy/jerk I thought it would be fun to have around, feel free to do whatever with him. Leafcrackle is purely comic relief that Snapdragon will likely be hanging around with. Kurabu is an old friend that some people who played in prior Rokugan campaigns will remember.

Note: Don’t try to use the character sheets on this website for your PC, they are terrible. Stick with the one on D&D Insider that Brian gave us access to.

Feel Free to make a Character!

Just a quick note that nobody needs to play anyone from Rokugan if they don’t want to – I put it here as part of a kernel of an idea but the critical part of the story thus far is that you’re part of a (largish) group that is being sent to an old town location to found a new town. The bit about Rokugan may just wither off as unimportant if need be!

Just to give a timeline: I will start bugging folks about finding a time in the first week of June. By then, I hope everyone interested will have (a) written a description and biography (plus GM notes) under the Character tab to left and (b) at least tentatively used the Character Builder to make the details of their character sheet. I’m happy to discuss whatever via e-mail at bluebrian@gmail.com .


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