Darkwood Crossing

Our Continuing Story Part 2

Updated Cliff Notes for Returning players

Continuing from the previous story post, the party was able to determine that the demon imprisoned beneath Darkwoods Crossing was Oni no Kitai, whose years of isolation and imprisonment had actually turned into a scholar of the cosmos itself. His struggles to break free of his prison which shook the town, were in fact him trying to warn that the world was in grave danger. He warned that five primordial elementals had been unleashed by the spell which summoned him, and those primordials posed a grave danger to the world- Istishia, the Primordial of Water; Akadi, the Primordial of Air; Kossuth, Primordial of Fire; and Grumbar, Primordial of Earth. As well, there was a fifth primordial of Void, who was as yet unknown. Oni no Kitai had created powerful artifacts with which to contain the Primordial’s power once they were defeated or otherwise subdued. With the help of Isawa Kitai, Master Phung, and their friend Kitsu Miki, the party was able to begin locating the Primordials

Istishia was located out at sea, where, in her madness, she had caused a massive storm to cut off New Rokugan from their homeland. The Feyblades journeyed there an defeated her with the help of the free merpeople, freeing those Istishia had previously enslaved. Having made new friends, and gained the word of the Pirate queen who had sailed with them that she would no longer enslave others, they returned to Darkwood Crossing.

There they learned that Akadi was located above the sky, and so they acquired a crashed Githzerai starship in order to find her. Eventually she was located and prevented from summoning the Spelljammer, a ship said to have ultimate power. She was convinced to accompany the part peacefully, and eventually submitted to having her power locked away of her own accord, though the party promised to free her from the prison of fate somehow.

However, the party’s enemies in the Feywild were not idle, and Oni no Kitai was kidnapped by Tatty Boggle, the servant of Andrath Ardorway. Kitsu Miki and Isawa Kitai had tracked Tatty Boggle to the City of Doors, a demi-plane that connected to everywhere, and asked the party to meet them there. Before they could set out, they learned that Arja’s brother, Gaidin, was fomenting a rebellion in Shal’d, committing acts of terror which harmed the populace and they made a detour to investigate. Party nemesis Richard Thornbrook turned out to be involved, and they were able to convinve Gaidin to see the error of his ways.

Making their way to the City of Doors, the party learned their adversary had taken Oni no Kitai into Hell, where Kossuth, Primordial of Fire resided on the 4th circle. The party chose to ask for the assistance of an Angel named Three-Armed Pete, who agreed to get the party into hell in exchange for assisting his friend Caelynna in retrieving something from the library in the 3rd Circle of Hell. The party was able to make its way into the library, and retrieved the artifact, though they also found a number of mirrors left by someone named Atreyu, which revealed particular details of each party member’s past. Continuing to the fourth level of Hell, they were able to fight their way to Kossuth, who had been using Kitai to create a way to kill a god and assume its power. Convincing Kossuth that this was unnecessary, Kossuth submitted to his power to Kitai’s prison.

Returning to the City of Doors, the party found that Isawa Kitai and his bodyguard had been pulled into a struggle between Three-Armed Pete and a trader of rare goods named Lu Ruskin. Caelynna intended to use the artifact the party had helped her to acquire to kill Lu in revenge for her father. The party was able to resolve the conflict, taking possession of the artifact, as Caelynna learned Ruskin had no choice but to kill her father when he turned evil.

Returning to the material plane, the party learned the location of the Earth Primordial, Grumbar- he was located in Mag Tureah, Iron Fortress of the Feydark, lair of the Fomorian King Thrumbolg. The party made their way to the city, and found Rockbiter, an old companion of Falcor’s, in Grumbar’s cave. Rockbiter gave them more information on Atreyu, who might know the location of the Void Primordial, and Andrath Ardorway. The party freed a Blue Dragon that Grumbar had pressed into service and was able to convince Grumbar they were strong by doing so. Grumbar therefore assented to having his power locked away. The party learned that while they had been successful in locking the primordials, the damage they had caused was already placing a strain on reality. A portal to far realm had opened, connecting the Feydark and Mithrendain. The party was able to traverse the portal and seal it behind them.

In Mithrendain they were met by Kitsu Miki, who had been researching Andrath Ardorway. It turned out Ardorway was a high-ranking member of the Winter Court, known to the Prince of Frost. Miki speculated a larger plan was afoot, and warned the party that if it came down to the mortal world against the Winter Court, the party could not count on Snapdragon’s help. With Miki’s help, the party investigated the mystery connecting the Daughters of Delight to the Sisters of Lament. They learned that the Prince of Frost was once a Prince of Summer, set to wed Sharaea of the Daughters of Delight. However Sharaea spurned him to help the mortal world, and this caused him to become the Prince of Frost. Despite the vast gulf of time, they learned Sharaea and her human lover, Hayne Kasar still live on and that the Prince of Frost desires to find them above all things. In a brief moment of lucidity, the Sisters of Lament were turned back into the Daughters of Delight, and begged the party not to let the Prince succeed in finding Sharaea.

Continuing their journey to find the Void Primordial, the party left the bounds of the Crystal Sphere, finding the being known as Atreyu. Atreyu revealed that party member Falcor was in fact the Void Primordial, being a Luck Dragon who had once danced among the starways, but had been imprisoned in his current form for causing too much trouble. Atreyu further told the party that they must use the primordial’s power to close the rifts. With Jay in possession of Water, Snapdragon holding Air, Brandis holding Fire, Arja holding Earth, and Falkor now able to summon his own power of Void, they could close the Rifts to the Far Realms.

Now the party races to close a nearby rift, and get back to New Rokugan where their friend Kitsu Miki is on trial for a murder the party knows she didn’t commit…



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