Moshi Yoriko

Harried Moshi Family Daimyo in New Rokugan


A busy woman intricately involved in the politics of New Rokugan. Used to the political intrigues and plots of the New Rokugan capital, she is considered the brains behind the Mantis clan here. With good looks and no slouch as a shugenja, she wields her magic for the benefit of her clan and family.


Yoriko is 36 and has been the Moshi family daimyo here in New Rokugan for 10 years. She is a deft politician and works to keep her clan out of trouble. She is familiar with Moshi Kurabu and treats him as both a resource and a clever advisor. She still finds his manner and way of finding trouble exasperating at times, however.

Moshi Yoriko

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