Tonnalem Endorard Kavorach (Tek)

Definitely A Elf Bard


I like to think I look good in green, light green, not the dark forest kind. I’ve had this custom lute with me since I left the college, like a graduation present of sorts. Almost 6’ tall, a little on the skinny side, even for an elf, but solidly build. Besides, you know they say about brains versus brawn right? I keep a scimitar with me just in case of trouble, though I’m really not very good with it (don’t tell anyone okay?) I have done well enough for myself to to have such nice clothing as these. Quick with a joke or a jab, I didn’t mean to offend you please forgive me. Lighthearted, strangely so at times, rarely in a foul mood. Can be a little eclectic, which can be off-putting in conversation, but don’t you dare question my music.


There was a carved ebony idol to the Valkur in his temple in Windrise Ports. You wanted to get a better look at it, but you weren’t allowed to get very close. So one evening during prayers, you forced the decorative metal gate to get closer. You got a good look, but were immediately arrested. You paid for the repair of the gate, of course, but were a little surprised when everyone was still worked up. The high priest of Valkur was frothy with rage at your blasphemy and got a judge to banish me.

Cant say, I’m particularly surprised they were upset, but banishment? Seems a little excessive. Ah well, off we go. Found this nice little caravan headed out of town to some little place on the border. Sounds like a good place to take a vacation while while the religious folk cool down a bit. Ah well, you spend a long time in a city and you start to think you know the place.

Off to another town we go. Really, I just cant seem to stay in one city even if I try. To many things to see and do. I spent all those years at the college to become a respectable bard, so I could travel and see the world. But sometimes, there are people I hope have forgotten me and they haven’t. They come calling expecting me to do things for them, go here, do this, bring us that. I don’t do that, I’m not like my brothers with their fingers covered in glue. I want bring people smiles, no take away whats in their pockets. Maybe this little town will be too far from the large cities for them follow me, wouldn’t that be nice. . .

Tonnalem Endorard Kavorach (Tek)

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