Ser Reginald of Galles

A weathered old Paladin-Knight who still stands for Honor


Ser Reginald is a weathered and scarred man, battered by years of adventure but still standing tall and strong. He has peppered grey hair and is rarely seen without his full plate.


Ser Reginald is a well-known Paladin-Knight in the kingdom of Galles. He has a reputation throughout Galles and Othonia for honor and virtue. Reginald is pious and humble, despite his combat prowess. Tales abound of his deeds, great and small, as a champion of the smallfolk and the downtrodden. His origins, however, are unknown and Reginald is remarkably tight-lipped on the subject; rarely sharing more than that he had a troubled youth. Rumors exist that he once had a romantic relationship with a great power of the Feywild but that he broke its heart when their morals clashed.

It is strange that Ser Reginald accompanies the Dark Duke Charlemund, and even stranger that they don’t seem to be trying to kill each other. Reginald insists that he represents Galles first and foremost. Perhaps Charlemund tolerates him from a combination of respect (or fear) of his fighting prowess, and to use him to get closer to Nasako. It is Ser Reginald who discovered Nasako’s deeds of valor in Galles and unbeknown (but beknown to us) it is Ser Reginald who petitioned the King of Galles to make Nasako the first woman knight of Galles.

Ser Reginald of Galles

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