Prince of Frost

Cold-Hearted Master of the Winter Fey


Narrow of build, pale, and light-haired, the Prince of Frost has a smile that does not warm. An eladrin risen to the position of Archfey, he is the most powerful and ruthless of the Winter Fey.


Rumor has it that he was once a Prince of Summer, but his heart froze solid when his fey betrothed spurned him for a mortal champion. The truth is lost to history, much like his true name.

He is not unnecessarily cruel, but he has not an ounce of mercy in his heart. He allies with other archfey only when facing the direst of threats. The Prince of Frost prefers to deal with his enemies quickly and viciously, with little regard for collateral damage. For some inscrutable reason, the Prince of Frost holds mortals in utter contempt. Although he appears content for now to rule his lands in the Feywild, rumors constantly circulate that he plots to freeze the entire mortal world into one long, eternal glacial age.

With the emergence of New Rokugan, the Prince has found a quandry- new and strange gods accompany these Rokugani from their empire across the sea. But ever with adversity comes opportunity, and one of the Winter Court happened to be traveling the mortal world at a convenient moment. With Snapdragon as his pawn, the Prince now seeks to gain more information. Perhaps the Rokugani hold the means to further his ends…

Prince of Frost

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