Paroom a rather dashing looking Eladrin with a mischievous smile and friendly eyes. Always ready to laugh and easy to talk to Paloom makes friends easily. He has a very large presence and tends to welcome the lime light. Not as “cold” as his “Brother” Paloom he is usually considered the “fun” one. While most seem him as care free and whimsical, he has a very calculating nature. He never forgets a face, or a name, or a lie. Many people would describe him as being passionate. that’s the polite way of saying he has a temper. Rarely do people see it outside of combat, but when they do they remember it for a very long time.


Paroom and Paloom, Brothers of combat, Sons of fate, Children of the Raven Queen. Sounds impressive right? Well don’t get too excited. That’s a fancy way of saying War Orphans given to the temple of the Raven Queen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good life, just not as grand as the title implies.
Our story is not so different from many of the inhabitants of Cendriane. The war had taken a bad turn and women and children were evacuated. We were found in a destroyed coach on the road to Mithrendain, no one else was in the coach, but signs of battle were apparent. From the extent ot the damage whoever had attacked the coach had a serious interest in killing everyone inside. Fortunately for us, our coach had some potent protection in the way of defensive spells. We were taken to Mithrendain with the rest of the refugees, since we were infants we were kept at the temple of the raven queen until someone claimed us. The other refugees had never seen us before and had no clues as to who we were. It was speculated that we may have been of high birth, because our coach bore the emblem of the house of Cecil, a minor lord of the court of stars. But it was equally possible we were just street urchins put in his lordships coach as part of the evacuation. Lord Cecil was well known for his generosity. Either way it became a moot point as the Cecil line fell in defense of the city, and no one else came to claim us. The Priests of the temple of the raven queen offered to take us in saying “They saw the hand of fate at work, and that the Raven Queen had plans for these two.” And so it was that we became wards of the Raven Queen, children of the temple.
Our childhood was spent in the temple, learning the teachings of the raven Queen, and getting our education. It was horrible. Books are bad, seriously, just awful. The one saving grace was the temple elder Tellah, an Eladrin Cleric of the Raven Queen. His story was an odd one, a former Barbarian Ranger, turned Cleric in Service of the Raven Queen. He would tell us tales of his adventures in exchange for us completing our daily lessons. We could never get enough. Over the years he became the closest connection we had. Basically like a father. As we grew older he began to teach us how to fight and defend ourselves. Paloom, being more disciplined and calm with clarity of focus gravitated towards the longbow and the way of the ranger. I, lacking the refinement of my brother, chose the Spear and the way of the barbarian. Our lessons continued for many years, both in the classroom, and in the temple courtyard. And by the time we reached maturity we were quite able to defend ourselves both in the classroom, and on the street. But more so than that, the crafty old cleric had managed to teach us the way of the Raven Queen, the way of Fate. We had gained an appreciation for the natural order of the life, and a deep need to set right those who pervert its purpose, or see themselves as above it.
We were officially free as adults to go where we chose and do as we wished, but by this point we sought no other course than the one the raven Queen had laid out for us. To no longer sit back and let the evils of men and undead flourish, but to stand up and fight them head on. So we joined the temple officially. In this new position we dedicated our skills and talents to the eradication of the undead and their masters, and to seeking out the hubris of men and fey. We sought out necromancers in all corners of the Feywild and we put them down. When we would learn of corruption, exploitation, murderers, we would seek them out, and for their hubris, put them down.
After many years of traveling and smiting evil in the name of the raven Queen the Cleric Tellah brought us home. For our dedication to the Raven Queen we were to be brought into one of the oldest secrets of the temple. Here in Mithrendain the temple elders were also members of the secret police known as the Watchers in the Night. Their duties were to ensure the seals over which the city was built were protected and that the evils contained therein were always kept in check. We were inducted into the order and have spent the last few years not just keeping the evils at bay, but pushing them back.
Last week, we had a dream, a vision. It was of the mortal world, a small town on a river beyond the Fey Woods. The town was sitting on a locked door and surrounded by giants. The Giants were fighting a constant back and forth. Between their feet a spider came into the town and began to pick at the door below the city. A raven came to fight the spider, but the spider was not alone. A snake bit the raven and the spider opened the door. From the door arose a miasma, a cloud of death that spread beyond the town. The giants fell choking on the cloud, as ever farther it spread. As the vision ended, a single word rang in our heads. “Go”
Confused we sought out Tellah to gain insight, He was already packed. He had also had the vision. We made ready our departure and began the journey to the mortal city of Darkwood Crossing. While we did not fully understand the vision, we knew our part, “Go”.


Darkwood Crossing Harbainian