Kind-hearted Merchant with a dark secret


Nicholai is a young, attractive, man with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. He is quick with a smile or a joke but there is something haunted about him. He carries an insane number of daggers hidden about his person.


Not much is known about Nicholai. He is obviously a kind soul but his smiles are often wistful and forced. He is one of the most astute merchants in the caravan and rather openly sells black market goods (though he avoids trafficking in slaves or prostitutes).

Nicholai sometimes refers to his “master” but shuts down and becomes evasive when cornered about his allegiances. He is often seen trading directly with the “town leaders”. Nicholai claims that he intends to set up “The” inn/tavern when Border Town is founded.

Nicholai spends coin freely but few can track what sort of goods he is truly after as he seems to juggle a confusing multitude of goods and services. He seems to have unlimited pockets and clearly has some sort of agenda. Some have tried to rob Nicholai due to his ridiculous amount of coin but Nicholai is almost as adept with his daggers as he is with his tongue. The one secret he seems poor at keeping is that he has secrets…


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