Moshi Fuchida

Wizzened Captain


Moshi Fuchida was born at sea to Atsuki and Yumi. Yumi was the captain and Atsuki was the cargo master. He spent his first years at sea on the trade vessel. On the recommendations of the ship’s Shugenja, Fuchida studied at the Moshi Shugenja school.

On his first voyage as a young sailor the ship got caught in a typhoon at sea. When a large wave washed over the ship the first mate was swept off. When the peasants started to panic, Fuchida stood up and took command. He managed to rally the peasants and was able to salvage enough of the rigging to limp back home afterwards.

Over the years he rose to some prominence in the fleet and eventually became captain of his own vessel. With so many marks of courage and successful missions, the daimio gave him an additional task besides trade. He was to gather what information he could about trade and threats to the empire in the wider world

When his ship got caught returning in the maelstrom his ship was crippled and lost at sea. The first port that he found was the City of Shal’d. While officially there was no contact with Othonia, a few vessels had been paying call to Shal’d including his. He had made arrangements with the Othonian official that would make this a safe port of call for any who needed it from Rokugan. He made arrangements with Elia to help him make his way back towards Rokugan. There were promises he made in his clan’s name to get the help, but the clan needed to know what was happening.

Twice he attempted to brave the storms blocking off Rokugan from the rest of the world. However, the second time when the storm spit him out it kept his ship. The only reason why he survived was that the water kami spat him out near the City of Shal’d.

Without any way to reach home, he took up with Elia to repay his debt to her. The very last thing asked of him was to help finish the training of Elia’s daughter and son. Of course with more Othonians coming who he didn’t have arrangments with Shal’d would no longer be safe for him. That would pay his debts. While he is loyal to Rokugan, he has no loyalty or ties to New Rokugan. Him primary motivator is to get home. However, he thinks that New Rokugan might be his best source of help to get there and he’s willing to try the politics to get it done.


Moshi Fuchida

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