Master Phung

An ageless asian man from New Rokugan


An ageless asian man who was clearly never tall but is now bent with age to only about 4’10" tall. Thin but quick and precise in his movements, Master Phung is equally spare in his speech.


When the Western government approached that of New Rokugan with this idea of peaceful trade at the border, few responded positively. Master Phung, one of the few to be alive when New Rokugan was ruled by the gaijin, could be expected to have been leading those disdaining contact with the West but instead he led others in convincing the Shogun of New Rokugan to accept this idea. Despite his age, Master Phung was the most able representative who volunteered for the duty of coordinating the establishment of a town.

Master Phung was born in Rokugan, in the lands of the Dragon monks. While training there, he had many adventures, including joining one of the later expeditions to New Rokugan. He found this new land fascinating and established the first dojo for Dragon-style martial arts in New Rokugan. Since then, his sons and daughters have taken over the day-to-day running of the dojos, leaving him time to contemplate and sometimes advise the leaders of the colony. In his new position in this town, he has brought only a few of his disciples but looks forward to developing a truly honorable and peaceful trading town.

Master Phung

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