Lord Murat Reis

Pirate Lord of Argonne


A tall, swarthy human of about 50 years of age. Muscular and active still while wearing the captain’s robes and his chosen weapon, the short bow.


Captain Murat Reis arrived at Argonne over 20 years ago and conquered it with the help of some outside force that provided him with dozens of ships. Some say the legendary Pirate Kingdom to the south sought to expand their empire to the north and Murat was a tool for that but nobody has been able to find out the truth, least from the members of Murat’s crew.

Since that time, he has been the lord and law of this lawless town. His guards come only if bribed or ordered by their superior and those superiors only move if the town is threatened or their own part of the town’s taxes are unpaid for some reason.

Lord Reis built his palace atop the only hill in walking distance from the port and from there survey’s the town. Rumors of him taking to the sea for months at a time, leaving the town to his dockmaster Butiens for months at a time are unsubstantiated.

Lord Murat Reis

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