Moshi "Old Man" Kurabu

Wily Retired Merchant and Ex-Adventurer


A small man in his prime, and now bent with age, his eyes have not yet lost their glittering cunning. He speaks common in a lilting brogue he seems to have taken from Othonian dockside workers and sailors. The foolish underestimate him because of it, which is the whole reason he picked it up in the first place.


Monsters. Mad sorcerers. Secret plots. The retired Mantis-clan merchant the Rokugani call ‘Old Man’ Kurabu has seen a lot—and killed a lot—in his time, but those days are long behind him. Now he plays with his great-grandchildren, talks gossip with other old timers, and offers sage advice to those intelligent enough to seek his council. He leaves the day to day running of the small merchant empire he built from the ground up to his children and grandchildren. But most of all, he sits and watches. There is very little that escapes those eyes, and Kurabu has more than enough pull with the people who count in New Rokugan to make sure things get done if he thinks they need doing.

These days though he mostly watches the ocean. Fourteen years ago, the Sundering was created, and all contact with Rokugan had cut off. It didn’t take long for merchants to find out why—a great malestrom, covered by a massive squall, stood in the way. It didn’t matter how far out of your way you tried to go around it, the storm would pull you back toward it, and no shugenja could convince the kami there to calm themselves. It was as if the Festering Pit of Jigoku and the Shadowlands had somehow been transplanted to the middle of the ocean, though the shugenja reported that the taint itself was not present. Dark things swim in those waters, and Kurabu knows something terrible is at the bottom of that maelstrom.

And so he sits and watches, fearing the day when those dark things will start to creep towards his new homeland…

Moshi "Old Man" Kurabu

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