Kitsu Miki

Haunted Outcast Shugenja


A pretty woman in her late-twenties, she often gives the impression of being distracted or distant. In conversation, she is generally direct, haughty, and cold. In combat, however, she is a master tactician and skilled healer.


Miki is a Kitsu Sodan-Senzo shugenja who has found herself at the end of a series of misfortunes. Her older brother Kitsu Toji was a compulsive gambler and drug addict who died in an unsanctioned duel, leaving her with a mountain of debt (their parents had died much earlier). That debt caused her marriage to a Crane courtier to fall through, which left her persona non grata at the New Rokugan court. But her biggest trial is probably her maternal grandfather, Akodo Isoroku, who has haunted her from a young age.

Isoroku is convinced she has a great destiny to live up to and insisted she be someone worthy of it. He constantly berates her for the slightest fault. She privately thinks he is trying to make up for his failure and death during the Battle of White Plains.

Yet even with, (or perhaps propelled by) his constant badgering, she excelled in the role of Sodan-Senzo, able to master the power of ancestral spirits for use against the enemies of her clan. In that role at least, Isoroku is a huge boon to her, for he makes his prowess and knowledge available to her in battle, manifesting as a powerful lion spirit, obeying her orders without hesitation. Afterwards, of course, he is always ready with a pithy comment on what she could have done better.

Now she wonders what the point of all that training was. Despite all she accomplished, she is a social pariah, banished, for all practical terms, beyond the eyes of the court to the wretched barbarian hovel called Darkwoods Crossing. Even that much was due solely to the patronage of her father’s old friend Master Phung, the only person she can still call an ally. Lately, she heard her brother’s debt was bought up by a certain unscrupulous, honorless dog of a merchant named Moshi Kurabu. No doubt he has all sorts of plans for her, but she finds herself caring less and less as depression grips her…

Kitsu Miki

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