Isawa Nonami

A broken prophet, mad but wise and strangely endearing


Nonami is a Rokugani man. He is rather fat but strangely unremarkable. His appearance is bland and people have a hard time picking him out of a crowd unless he is addressing them and your eyes almost seem to slide off of him unless you are focused on him. He also seems to strangely slip people’s minds when he is not present and is difficult to recognize unless he deliberately draws attention to himself.


Nonami was born a peasant in the Pheonix Clan of Rokugan but he was found out at a very young age as having unique talents for prophecy and “Void Magic” and as such was adopted into the Isawa Clan and sent to a monastery.

Isawa Nonami was a secret prophet of unsurpassed power whom the Pheonix Clan had discovered as a boy and kept hidden away in a monastery. Nonami possessed the unique talent of not only being able to manipulate the Void as a shugenja but also to be able to see through the void into the future. Nonami ‘s existence was discovered by Scorpion Clan spies and he was summoned to the Imperial Court to serve as a seer and prophet for the Empress. Nonami was lavished with the luxuries of life at court and though, the young man soon grew decadent and gluttonous in his ways, his prophecies remained unerringly accurate.

When the mysterious Cataclysmic event that sundered the sea between Rokugan and New Rokugan occurred the prophet Isawa Nonami entered into his deepest Void Trance yet and foretold a “convergence of the Void” and a “gathering of fate” at a yet-to-be-founded settlement with the Gaijin name of “Border Town”. Secondary to this prophecy Nonami foretold that a hero and Champion of the Kami had been born and had been cast into the Shadowlands by the power of the mysterious cataclysm. The strength of Nonami’s vision through the Void drove him mad and he became unable to retain an adequate link to the Void. The call arose for noteworthy samurai around the Empire to follow the cryptic instructions of Nonami’s final prophecy and rescue this newborn “hero” from the Shadowlands before the taint of evil clamed him.

Following this Nonami disappeared from the public eye. He was sent back to his old monastery since his mind had been broken but was cast out due to his gluttonous ways. His abbot sent him on a mission to spread the religion of Rokugan to the Gaijin. (Basically a giant “screw you” gesture, partially motivated from jealously). Nonami wandered Rokugan secretly for some time and watched over Nasako’s childhood. Some claim to have seen him meeting secretly with Bayushi Jakuchu.

After Nasako was exiled from Rokugan, Nonami went forth into Gaijin lands as a missionary. He was spotted throughout Othonia, New Rokugan, and Galles but always seemed to move on to be close enough to keep some sort of tabs on Nasako’s growth.Nonami resurfaced in Nasako’s life when she encountered him as a member of the small caravan she guarded after she left Galles.

Nonami insisted that he be referred to as “uncle” and was constantly stalking and surprising her at the most inconvenient of times with tidbits of crazed “wisdom” or insane “quests”. He claimed to speak for the Kami and told Nasako that she was chosen by the Kami. He was a kind and mostly harmless soul who would spend days stacking rocks “to make them happy” and he seemed surpassingly fond of Nasako, acting like a doting grandfather. Though many of his visions and quests were nonsensical he seemed to have an uncanny ability to surprise everyone with occasional moments of true insight.

Nonami seems to be especially close to Master Phung but he is welcomed throughout most of the factions (and has a proclivity for showing up even when its not wanted). Some rumors are whispered that some sort of religious order has engaged its inquisition to hunt Nonami for unknown reasons. Nonami does regularly espouse beliefs that incorporate all deities and religions as Fortunes or Spirits within the Rokugani religious tradition. While this tends to rub more orthodox priests the wrong way, the gods seem to smile on Nonami which stays the hands of otherwise most otherwise hostile churches. Nonami seems mostly harmless and spends much of his time “pleasing the kami” by doing minor eccentric tasks such as restocking stones to “make the earth Kami more comfortable” or springing incense into streams to please the water kami. His advice is often still useful, however, if taken with a grain of salt.

Isawa Nonami

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