Princess Hellebore

Archfey of the Pixies of the Autumn Wind


A pixie sorceress of great beauty and power. Her ageless face holds both wisdom and mirth, but beware her wrath. Her wings resemble those of an Emperor Butterfly.



Princess Hellebore was raised to Archfey of the Pixies of the Autumn Wind by her patron, the goddess Sehanine Moonbow, for her service during the War of Winter. She commands vast powers and is among the strongest of the Winter Fey. Because of her power, she is able to forge fey-pact with those she deems worthy, and has created an Elite Guard of pixie warriors to join the ranks of the Knights of Winter.

Her daughter Candytuft and son-in-law Mapleleaf were among those in the guard when Mithrendain, the City of Autumn, was attacked from below by the loathsome Fomorian Giants. During the conflict, both were slain by the Fomorian King Gheganith, who in turn was slain by Hellebore.


Her sorrow at losing her daughter was great, but worse was the knowledge that her grandson Snapdragon held a terrible secret, and without his parents, it would fall to her and her alone to make sure he would be ready for the challenges of his life.

She engineered Snapdragon’s departure from the Feywild in order to help him gain his full potential, and, if possible, protect him from his dark secret a while longer. She is secretly proud of her grandson and all that he has achieved, but she fears for his future…

Princess Hellebore

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