Gaidin son of Elia


Gaidin was always the second string to his sister. Which to a certain extent suited him just fine. Being groomed to rule was way too much work. And anyways, Arja was just no fun. What is the point in getting into trouble if you just run off and tell someone on yourself?

Anyways, it was fun escaping from the palace and spending his time down around the docks. He had friends and confidants there. To be honest, the kids on the street knew how to have fun a lot better than those stuffy advisers in the palace.

Of course this also meant he had to play innocent and stupid for his sister and mother. If any of his family had figured out what he was doing, he’d never get out of the palace again. Or at the very least he’d have to work harder and he was always kind of lazy. So he always put on a show of ignorance. Telling others what they wanted to hear, which is that of a sheltered boy brought up in a palace.

However, he now has purpose to his skills. He is going to have his revenge on Lord Emory if it is the last thing he ever does. The small problem is he has no idea where he’s going to find Emory. He tried once before the left the city, but there were too many guards. They were expecting an attack at that time and there was no way to get near him.

Of course he knows his sister will not approve of this, and he doesn’t care. He’s going to play the innocent good little troublesome brother bit until he makes his move. If he can convince his sister to go along all the better, but one way or another he will have his revenge.

Gaidin son of Elia

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