Pixie Knight and Childhood Friend of Snapdragon


Cute silver-haired pixie with a gentle, kind smile. She has a can-do attitude and a sunny disposition, though she can be a bit of a cry-baby. Her Wings resemble those of a Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly.



Frostnip is Snapdragon’s best friend since childhood. The two got up to untold amounts of mischief together when they were young, and being pixies, that never really changed as they grew older.

Like Snapdragon, she has forged fey-pact and is part of Princess Hellebore’s pixie Elite Guard. She alone of all the knights objected to Hellebore’s order concerning the prank on Snapdragon. Several times she privately asked Hellebore to lift the order, but Hellebore was firm, finally telling Frostnip that it truly was in Snapdragon’s best interest. Though she accepted the decree, she did everything she could to keep his spirits up.

Finally though, he hit a boiling point, and declared he would leave for the mortal world. Frostnip was heartbroken, and begged him to stay. He refused, but promised that if she were ever in trouble, he would return. He swore his oath on a Frozen Tear swiped from the Valley of the Long Night, which he then snapped in half, leaving once piece with Frostnip, and taking the other with him.

While she finds comfort in the unmelting Frozen Tear, she misses her friend terribly. She toys with the idea of going after him, with only her immense respect for Princess Hellebore and the knowledge of her duty as a knight forcing her to stay…


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