Eladrin Skald


Falcor is distinguished looking, charming, eldarin, about 6 ft. tall and lean. He has nicely trimmed, unusually colored dark brown hair. His dark eyes are keen and his voice is commanding. He carries a rod in one hand and a long-sword in the other. He has a charming smile that doesn’t always make it up to his calculating gaze. He wears long dark clothes that conceal chain mail under his tunic. He moves not with a fighters control, but a dancers grace.


Falcor was born into a family of traveling entertainers in the Mortimer Mayhem Big Top Circus. He was trained from an early age to be a performer. He was taught acrobatics and swordplay by his father and voice and magic by his mother. He hated performing. Always having to put on a fake smile. He also envied the wealthy clientele with their lofty private boxes of cushioned chairs and bevy of servants.

As he grew, It was apparent that Falcor had the skills to be a performer, but not the heart. However, everyone in the circus has to earn their keep. He started out as a ticketeer until he realized the bursar was skimming money off the top of the accounts. He devised this by naturally keeping a running total of the accounts in his head and realizing that they didn’t match what the bursar was telling the show runner. Even though he was an adolescent, he was promptly promoted to bursar where he revolutionized the business practices of the show. Despite his age, Falcor became invaluable at negotiating contracts in every new town they visited. He would often get sent in advance to scout out the situation, picking up clues on the street.

Falcor never quite made it out of the shadow of the show runner who had the ear of old Mortimer himself. He decided that if he was going to become one of those people in the private box he needed to start taking some risks, starting with leaving the show.

While the show was in the west, he heard the edict of the new town being founded on the border with New Rokugan. Copies of Rokuganese trinkets were popular at the Show, and it got him thinking: What if he could trade not just in trinkets but in big ticket items like weapons and even artifacts strait from the source. He imagined that even the Rokuganese would want items from the west.

He made up his mind to leave the circus and was given a nice farewell. Old Mortimer imparted him with the gift of a simple rod which honestly was disappointing, considering the amazing artifacts he uses in his shows.

He set for the caravan with the attitude that nothing could stop him.


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