The Pixie Elite Guard

A Run Down of Snapdragon's Fellow Pixies


Snapdragon’s Guide to The Pixie Elite Guard


So, there’s WAY too many to try an introduce you to everyone, so I’m just gonna tell you about the ones I tend to hang out with.

Knight-Captain Pussywillow- “Captain.” Commander of the Guard. Mostly okay, but don’t make fun of his name. Seriously.

Barleyrice- “Barley.” Wins a few pixie games against me and suddenly thinks he’s all that. Such a tool, even if he’s pretty good with a blade.

Pinebark- “Pine.“ Quiet guy, but great at writing stuff down. In charge of recording all the cool stuff we do.

Mistletoe- “Misty.“ Serving 10 years in an icicle for pushing His Grouchiness too far. Mostly a cool gal, but never knows where the line is.

Bearcorn- “Bear.“ Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you can count on him to hold up his end of a scheme. He hates talking, is more about doing. Occasionally will stop paying attention to a conversation and just act, which can be hilarious.

Snowdrop- “Snow.” This girl has the dirtiest mind in the Guard, bar none. Great at acting innocent, but a stone cold schemer at heart. Hope she’s on your team in pixieball, otherwise prepare to hurt.

Corydalis- “Cory” She hangs out with Snowdrop, is her partner in crime. They used to form a trio with Mistletoe, and got up to more trouble than even me and Frostnip. Toned it down after Misty got iced.

Meadowholly- “Holly.“ Ditzier than the worst summer fey. Never knows what’s going on. Seriously might have been swapped with one of Titania’s flower-sniffers at birth, because MY GOD.

Moosewood- “Moose.” He runs with Barley a lot. Is nearly as big a tool, but he has redeeming moments sometimes.

Windroot- “Root.” He’s not really right in the head, he only knows three words- “I am Root.” Still a solid dude to have on your side. Occasionally more perceptive than you would have expected.

Snakeberry- “Snake.” Currently she’s rebelling against the system. Wears black clothes and eyeliner. Writes a lot of bad poetry that she won‘t stop reciting. Has a thing for Pinebark, and it’s HILARIOUS how oblivious he is.

Knight-Lt. Whiteclover. “Clover.” New to her stripe, a bit over serious because of it. Was way more fun before she got promoted.

The Pixie Elite Guard

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