Duke Charlemund XIV

The sinister 'Dark Duke' of Galles (leader of the contingent in border town)


Tall and imposing in his black plate mail. The Dark Duke Charlemund is as charming as he is frightening. With piercing green eyes and stark white hair it is hard to place his age but he is clearly in his prime.


Duke Charlemund XIV is the most powerful nobleman in all of Galles. Third in line to the throne, his power rivals that of the king. Charlemund was not born to a powerful family, however. He rose to power through sheer ruthlessness and it is rumored that he illegally built his fortune by trading slaves to the rival state of Othonia. Darker rumors hint that he is the benefactor of a dark pact with some evil power. Charlemund is despised by many in Galles as he has twisted the code of Chivalry into a perverse right to power.

Charlemund shocked all of Galles when he renounced his hard-won station as the Champion of Galles (General) and instead took over the Gallish expedition to Border Town. Charlemund clearly has his own interests in mind and he is quickly proving himself to be a brutally efficient merchant. The Gallish contingent to Border Town was assembled hastily as an answer to Othonia’s involvement so it is understandably small.

Charlemund replaced most of merchants and guards with knights and soldiers from his own personal household. Though small, the Gallish contingent is strengthened by being made up almost entirely of warriors. Many of the knights under him are at least somewhat honorable but see their first duty as to serve their king and country (through serving Charlemund of course). There is a small group of purely just and honorable knights that serve with Charlemund and try to subtly represent what they see as the true face of Galles rather than Charlemund’s version of it. They are led by a paladin-knight named Ser Reginald.

Charlemund is used to getting what he wants and he has set his eye on Nasako. He appears to be genuinely in love with her (twisted as his love must be). And so he seeks to woe her rather than force her to bend to his will.

Duke Charlemund XIV

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