Brandis Mundy


Brandis Mundy is of average height and build for a human who follows the more academic pursuits. His light brown hair is finely cut and his clothes are of a high quality as would befit a member of the nobility.


Brandis Mundy is the 2nd son to Baron Fredrich and Holisis Mundy, thus ensuring the ‘heir and a spare’. His childhood was unremarkable with the usual schooling and pasttimes. It was during school that his minor talent for the arcane was discovered and he was promptly sent to the more prestigious Wizarding Academy of the Great City where he had numerous adventures concerning trolls, basilisks, giant spiders, a wizard super bowl with real live wizard tic-tac-toe! and an ancient prophecy about 7 hollow crutches and a switching rod to rule them all. In any event, with the help of his transmutations substitute teacher Fistandidulous, Brandis graduated eventually and found a cushy job likely paid for by his parents. Which lasted for all of two months before boredom finally took its toll and Brandis booked passage on the next boat out. Which promptly sank in a freak storm. Taking this as a sign Brandis returned to his post and whittled away the time by getting a platinum library card. It was during these years that Brandis learned the more esoteric parts of the arcane that really don’t make sense to anybody who doesn’t have a doctorate in quantum enchantments. As comes as no shock to anyone when his good brother Torcas sent a summons to come to some sort of ‘border town’ and deal with the ever impressive pile of magic items he was accumulating that Brandis rushed away from the dull doll drums of the Great City and into a life of toil and hardship actually working….wait, what?

Brandis Mundy

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