Moshi Batosai

Revenant Shugenja and Man-Slayer


A handsome Rokugani shugenja who was killed during the creation of the Maelstrom, then raised by a pair of mysterious gods for unknown purposes. He remembers nothing from his former life, but fortunately he’s both oblivious and self-centered, so he doesn’t care. He always speaks in a gravelly voice and is frequently impressed with himself. Since he can’t feel pain due to being a revenant, he’s somewhat convinced he’s invincible. For all of that, he likes helping people and is very loyal.


Batosai’s first memory is of two gods attempting to convince him that he’s dead. He remembers nothing before that, but due to his personality it doesn’t bother him much. After a short and somewhat comical conversation with these two gods he was unceremoniously dumped naked on a beach, not dead anymore but not truly alive, either.

Batosai was subsequently found by Moshi Karabu, who, always having an eye out for opportunity, recruited Batosai as a personal yojimbo. After a somewhat rocky introduction to the Moshi family daimyo, Batosai has been sent to Darkwood Crossing to keep an eye on various interests of Karabu, which as it happens includes the current adventuring party.

It should be noted that while Batosai remembers nothing of his past life, he looks mostly the same as he did the day he died, and that while he may not remember people, it is entirely possible that other people will remember him.

Batosai speaks in a deep, gravelly voice and blusters to cover the fact that he usually has no idea what is going on. He can be very intimidating to people who don’t know him, however, as his voice combined with a willingness to inflict bodily harm and just generally being walking undead has a tendency to unnerve people.

Moshi Batosai

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