Darkwood Crossing

Letters to Frostnip #8

The Great City Recap

Heya Frosty!

Man, it’s been a while… since I TOTALLY SAVED YOU LIKE A BOSS! Remember that? Yeah, I’m awesome.

Since we left the Feywild, there have been some changes to the ol’ Feyblade roster. Paroom had to leave and Battosai took off for good, so it’s just down to the four of us really- me (the leader, natch), Falcor, Brandis, and Arja. That’s okay though, cause we were the cool kids anyway. All those wanna-be members just weren’t good enough.

So! After we got back and everything, we got told there was some kind of supply problem from the Othonian side. Apparently shipments of magic items weren’t coming in the way they were supposed to. (And I NEEDS my magic items. They hurt my enemies and protect my sexy, sexy face from harm). Naturally, we were the only people badass enough to check it out and survive, so we headed to Amadora.

When we got there (it still takes forever to get anywhere in the human world. Well it’s not so much that it takes forever, it’s just that trips are SO BORING) we found that the teleport circles to the Great City were being blocked somehow. We also ran into someone from Falcor’s past, some kind of circus-master/adventurer guy. I think his name was Mordecai? Methuseleh? I know it started with an M…Oh well. Look, that part was boring, anyway. M-guy got kidnapped, we had to go save him, and some demons and their master got the great honor of a no-holds barred ass kicking, delivered by me, in person. I autographed their ugly faces for posterity.

The important thing we learned is that there is a FREAKING SPACESHIP just sitting in the town. It’s for sale and everything. I recently got to fly one (I’m getting there), and I want it SO BADLY. In recognition of destiny, I’ve started giving myself the title of Space Pirate, just so it’s easy to say when it eventually happens.

More boring stuff happened, and then we finally arrived at the Great City.Sir ZZ Top (not Mixmaster Z, his son…or nephew or something, it’s not important) was waiting for us, and told us what went down. The King died, and now it’s basically civil war between the Zealands on one side, and the Emory family on the other. Lord Emory is douchebag, and apparently, his son is an even bigger douchebag. So, of course, we’re gonna tip the balance for Mixmaster Z. Of course, when I heard Civil war, I imagined bodies in the streets, fighting all over the place- you know, like Mithrendain that time the Cat Lord pantsed Lord Oran in front of the whole court (Holy Crap that whole thing was hilarious. I still can’t believe he went through with that dare). But actually, the human city is pretty calm. The rocket trams (ROCKET TRAMS! -So fun to say) run on time and everything.

So yeah, actually it was pretty calm. We found out the source of the teleport interference is coming from some device under the Guard Barracks, and if we take it out, we win. So we’re gonna do that. We have a bunch of threads we’re chasing, I’m sure the final plan is gonna be AMAZING. But again, the really important thing here is that as the result of one of those threads, I got to drive a spelljammer ship that was caught in the harbor when the town defenses went up. And THAT Frosty, was ten-gallons of fun in a five-gallon drum. I can’t really describe it…try to imagine suddenly being a few hundred feet long and four times faster than you are now. Oh, and you can go farther than five feet above a surface for more than a few seconds.

Now here’s the thing- they need a permanent pilot, since their old one died. And while I’m really, really, REALLY tempted, I already have my eye on that ship in Amadora. I’ve got my own crew, and Space Pirate Snapdragon is destined to be Captain of his own ship. So, if you know anyone in the Guard who would be down for Crazy Space Adventures and can get Grandma to sign off on it, send them out here. They better be prepared to not come back for a while though, these guys get around, apparently.

Anyway, gotta go.

Flying giant spelljammer ships and being generally too cool for school,




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